Team power awesome team

Dropping Scorcha off at Toss

Good Gravy! The last game Shadow nearly died because he ate some bread. Go figure.

Dropping Scorcha off at the Kindom of Toss was something to be seen. It was as if the whole kindom came out to great Team Power Awesome Team. Snort spent the day with children teaching them how to swing properly. Eranah checked in on the local Library to make sure that rapiars to both the strucure and the books where going as planned. Shadow could be seen wondering back and forth between the local pubs and the church of the Raven Queen. Scorcha met with the Queen of Toss to discuse her sister Sparka.

At the end of the day everyone gathered near the air ship to say there good byes. Scoratch would be staying in Toss to try and help her sister. The reast of our adventuring party boarded the air ship. With Snorth’s mighty flamers sword he lit the fernus as a great spectical and amusment to all who watched and the air ship gently flifted off the ground and into the air bound for the Kindom of KuNasas.



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