Team power awesome team

Judgment Day

Team Power Awesome team returned to KuNasas short Scorcha who chose to be dropped off at Toss to speak with her imprisoned sister, Sparka.

As Team Power Awesome Team went to visit the king they saw another adventuring party The Talons walking out of the castle. One of their members, A human Paladin was questioning why an adventuring party had resorted to plundering gold. That was not why he signed up and that he quit The Talons.

Team Power Awesome Team were questioning each other as to why King Drossland needed stolen gold. It all seemed fishy to Team Power Awesome Team. The part went inside and spoke with the king. The king asked the party to rid a poor part of town of rats infected with filth fever because it was killing his people.

Snort and Shadow agreed to take on this problem on their own. In no time at all they both managed to kill all the infected rats int he area and purify a well in the area so it contained holey drinking water.

It was noted that by the end of that all members the Talons and the king himself where exhibiting super powers.

Team Power Awesome Team learned that this was a result of a fallen angel sleeping in the ruins of Cenic. The angel was inadvertently poisoning the people. Granting them super powers and then watching them die shortly after.

Rather then fight the angel, Team Power Awesome Team chose to befriended the angel know as Israfil Angel of Judgment Day. Now the Angle has taking up arms with Team Power Awesome team to help fight the Orcus. What better deturent for the demon of the undeath then an angle?



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