Team power awesome team


Scorcha returns to Team Power Awesome team in KuNasas where she retells a story of her sister, Sparka. With the help of Merlin Scorcha was able to keep her sister from doing any evil thanks to some braceletts of awesome that Scorcha had merlin make.

Ginny and scorcha meet.

Eranah discovers three towns not far away that might contain occultists activity. Foster, Remmings, and Tristle. Scorcha sends 3 foxes out to search for occultist activity. When the fox sent to Foster did not return the party goes in that direction.

On the way to Foster they find the Fox and he has been hurt with what looks like electric energy.

Once arriving in town the party buys cloaks and suits up. The party finds a secret passage in a church and have battle and win against a beholder called Gorgon.



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