Team power awesome team

The 5th Element

King Drossland Died at the start of the adventure. A result of letting Israfil the fallen angel live. Also all members of the adventuring group, The Talons passed a way of the same infliction.

Eranah spent some time in the library researching information on occultists or worshipers of Orcus. Information was found that might help Team Power Awesome Team find these worshipers.

The same time at a pub in KuNasas, Shadow saw visions in his brew of his sister being torchered by Freya and he also saw the way to locate his sister. The party left that night to try and save her.

Team Power Awesome Team were guided by Shadow’s visions to an under ground crypt that was protected by a family of Emmentals. The party dispatched the elementals and located the chamber that Shadow’s sister was being torchered in. However, she and Freya where already gone.



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