1) he was 6th inline to the chiefdom of a medium sized roaming elven
tribe of the plains. (note: yes, elves are normally woodsy, but
work with me here…they’re an “elvish” people) Being 6th inline he
didn’t really have to worry about any of the “royal” duties, as for
the most part, they were a peaceful people and death via combat or
attrition was not an issue. So, he wandered a lot, travelled the world
as a mercanary and dilly dallied in a little of everything.
(note: this is why i’m older, but only a low level shaman) By
“everything” I mean as a soldier, a bard, caravan guard, male gigalo
in his younger years, pretty much anything that would earn him
enough money to get by. HOwever, he never shared his true heratige.
Occasionally, he would stop back to visit his people and share news
of the outside world.

2) On one of these return trips he returned to find the tribe
decimated to the point of dispersement and absorption by some of the
other tribes, same race, living in the plains and the royal line
wiped out save for him. A large group of bi-pedal horse men (not
centaurs, but definetly having horsish features; think like a
minotaur) and swept threw burning everything and looting. This would
be similar to the Hun invasion of Eastern Europe. One of the items
looted was the royal sword. It wasn’t magical, but whoever held
the sword was king of the tribe and recovering the sword would mean
the tribe could be re-united / re-built.

3) Being a tribal society, shamanism was their “religion” and
provided healing. One with mother earth, etc… Having never been a
true warrior, ie: barbarian, he went into training as a shaman and
now travels the world looking for the family sword. He tracked it
down to a large bazaar where it was sold to an unknown entity and
has since lost track of it.

note: i don’t share my history with the party and the fact i’m of
royal, however decimated, lineage. For all they know I’m a dirty
older man who happens to have some shamanistic abilities.


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