Scorcha was hatched to parents in a clan of old fashioned warrior/nomadic Dragonborn. Her parents were at first delighted by their new baby daughter who had very beautiful mahogany colored scales. Their delight soon turned to shock and horror however when at the age of one not only did she not want to pick up and play with toy weapons like all the other young Dragonborn, but she started showing signs of a sorcerous nature. When Scorcha would loose control of her emotions strange things would happen. If she became angry she didn’t need to use her fire breath to make flames appear, but they would burst out from around her, or perhaps a sudden frost would appear if she grew upset, or a cloud of acid if she grew scared. Little Scorcha had as little control over these elemental outbursts as she did her emotions. The rest of the clan soon caught wind of Scorcha’s unusual abilities and being a superstitious clan who thought these outbursts meant the child was cursed, a decision was made that the child should be banished from the clan. Scorcha’s Parents were both saddened and releaved as they we begining to despair as to how to deal with their child.
The next day when the clan picked up their camp to move on, they did not take Scorcha with them, but left her playing in a field. It wasn’t until night started to fall that Scorcha realized she had been left. Scared and unsure she made a little fire for herself and curled up hungry and alone.

The next day, traveling mercinaries on their way to Silvercity saw her fire and stopped by to investigate. One of the mercinaries (a Dragonborn himself) took pity on the tiny child and decided to bring her with them as far as the city, where she might not starve to death if she was quickwitted. Scorcha soon warmed up to the group and they to her quick charm and on the Month long jouney they taught her some basic outdoorsmen skills, and every night she would gather up wood and make a fire for them and help make dinner to earn her keep. During that month the merchnaries learned of her outbursts, and the Dragonborn named Jakko who had taken an especial shine to her sat her down and told her that she had a very special power and that she should be wary of it since at this point in her young age it seemed to be tied to her emotions… She would do well to learn to try and control them. Scorcha took his words to heart and the outbursts of energy became more controlled or didn’t appear at all.

Soon they reached Silvercity and the mercinaries told Scorcha they had to leave her. She was very upset at this, but they told her they were hired on a quest, and where they were headed next they really couldn’t take children. Jakko pulled her aside and told her that she should go look for a wizards school to see if she could gain apprenticeship and as a parting gift gave her a dagger to protect herself with. Scorcha thought this was a good idea and thanked the merchinaries for looking out for her over the past month. With that she set out to look for a wizard school. The City however was huge and having never been in anything like a city she soon became very lost and very scared. Coming to a huge square she saw a crowd gathered around a man in a brightly colored robe performing slight of hand tricks to applause and the occasional toss of a coin into a hat on the ground in front of the man. Scorcha watched the tricks with awe and decided that here must be one of the wizards that Jakko had told her of. After the performance as the crowd started to disburse she apporached the man and asked him if he was a wizard. The man startled that a lanky little dragonborn child was addressing him paused for a long second before smiling an overly friendly smile and saying that yes, he was a wizard in training and why did she ask. Scorcha still being quite naive and trusting at that point in her young life explained to the man her story and how her friend Jakko had told her she need to find a wizard to get control of her powers. The man again smiled and said that it was a tradition for wizard initiates to serve under higher up wizards in training until such a time that they could be introduced to a master wizard for their final years of insturction, and that as it just happened, he, the Mystic Malvo, was in need of just such an initiate, and that she was more than welcome to come with him and live with his brothers and sisters while he got her ready to be presented to the wizards once she was ready. Scorcha was so happy to have lucked out in this way that she literally glowed for a second. Malvo smiled his syrupy smile again and lead her to his “home.”

Malvo lived in a less reputable part of town in an old and dilapidated boarding house that was packed to the gills with a pack of rambunctious and wild children of all ages. Malvo called them his brother’s and sisters but Scorcha looking at the pack of humans suspected that this was perhaps not the case. She was disappointed that there were no other dragonborn like her there, but she did notice one sullen looking lad off in a corner who looked just a little more savage than the rest of the children and decided immidiately that she should find out who he was. She learned his name was Snort and as the only non humans in the group the two often found themseves sitting together at super where Scorcha would tell Snort all about what she was learning and he would mostly listen. When she asked if he was learning to be a wizard too he told her, no, he was learning to be a shadow. He seemed impressed by her powers and she was impressed by how well he could hide and sneak when they would play together.
Malvo mostly kept her away from the rest of the children for the first half a year, but he kept her too busy learning slight of hand tricks, shell games, juggling and such. Malvo helped her gain more control of her fire breath, but could do very little to help her control the power that would occasionally surge through her. Malvo soon required that a bucket of water be in every room of the house just in case. Scorcha kept asking Malvo to help her focus her powers but he kept telling her that a more senior Wizard would have to help her with that once she gained access to a full master. Soon Malvo would take her out to the squares to perfom in front of crowds. The other children would come along, Scorcha assumed to see the show. First Malvo would perform and then he would introduce Scorcha as an oddity and she would usually juggle flaming torches that she had lit herself with her flame breath, or burn pieces of paper in the air with acuracy burst of flame and catch the ashes in a basin of water and then Malvo would pull the paper out whole again with little burned letters on it with the asker’s fortune on it and other such “magic” tricks. After the show once the crowd had disbursed the other children would come to Malvo and give him all sorts of gold and jewels and other such valuables. Scorcha asked about it and Malvo told her that it was payment for the show that was being collected since there was a required fee for her to gain training under a master wizard.

This scarade lasted for years until Scorcha was about 8 years old, with each of her questions about when she would get to be apprenticed under a master wizard deflected with answers of she hadn’t spent enough years in servitute or that she hadn’t “earned” enough money yet to pay the entry fee. As the years wore on and the other children learned of her “deal” with Malvo Scorcha would catch them snickering and mocking her “wizard’s training” more and more, and occasionally throwing rocks at her when they were along. Snort always came to her defense if he was around and she tried to help him back whenever she could and soon the two were inseperable. Finally one day as Scorcha was complaining to Snort about Malvo puting her off yet again, Snort told her that he had overheard Malvo speaking to a big blackrobed man when sneaking to the kitchen late at night to steal an extra snack. Malvo and the big man had laughed at the gulability of Scorcha and had talked about how best they could use her talents in the future for larger con scemes. Scorcha was so heartbroken to learn this that she caused a frost to cover the entire house.

That night she decided to run away from Malvo and his scemes to try and find a real wizard who could help her. She first went to Snort and convinced him to run away with her. The two snuck away into the night and Snort told Scorcha that he had been taken by the house of Wizard once to watch it for the schedule of the inhabitants and to count all the doors and windows and nooks and crannies. Scorcha now on to what was really going on asked Snort if the men he told the information to had planned to rob the wizard. He replied that he didn’t know, he just did what he was told to do, or he didn’t get supper. The two snuck through the city till they reached the Wizards house just as the pink of dawn began to appear in the sky. It was a very grand and imposing structure made all of Stone with a sign out front. Both Children knew how to read since Malvo thought that theves are better if they know what they are stealing. The Sign read “Lazerous Limbert, Wizard for Hire, Minor enchantments & rituals created, Magical items imbued, curses debunked and potions created. No Love Potions, this means you!” Beside the sign was a bell pull cord. Scorcha and Snort decided that even though it was very early in the morning at that point they would pull the cord anyways. About 4 minutes later a very tired and cranky looking porter opened the door and began to yell that they were closed for the day and to come back at a more reasonable hour, when he realized that the people he was addressing only came up to his mid chest. Scorcha pleaded with the porter telling him that it was a matter of dire circumstances and that he just HAD to let them see the Wizard Lazerous as soon as possible. Completely taken by surprize the porter relented and showed them into a parlor with strict instructions not to touch anything. About 10 minutes later a very grumpy looking bearded fellow came down the stairs and into the parlor. He looked as though he had simply thrown his wizarding cloak over his pajamas, and thereby looked just a bit riddiculous.

Scowling down at the children the wizard said “This better be important youngsters! I really don’t take kindly to being risen from my bed at the crack of dawn. We Wizards keep late hours.” Scorcha jumped up and bowed to the wizard saying “Wonderous Wizard, I’ve come to humbly beg for your help…” and thus she related to him he need to find a wizard to apprentice under to learn to control her elemental outbursts and that she had been tricked for years by Malvo, but that she wasn’t going to stand for that anymore and would he please take her and her friend in, please! The Wizard was slightly taken aback but his interest was definitely piqued by the mystery and the challenge. He sat down with a long hmmm…. and looked over the pair. “And what makes you think it’s a wizard that can help you young one?”
“My Friend Jakko told me when we got here to Silver city. He had to leave on a quest and he told me to find a wizard.”
“And what magical training did this Jakko person have?”
“Umm… I don’t know… He was really good with knives.”
“Just as I thought! Never trust a lay person to know the first thing about how magic really works! My dear, I’m not sure if there is anything that I can do for you, but i’ll look into it with you right now. You are too interesting of a puzzle to pass up.”
“But your a wizard! It says so on your sign!”
“Yes yes, I am a wizard… but I’m not convinced that a wizard is really what you need. Describe to me what sets off your elemental outbursts. Do they happen when you speak a word?”
So Scorcha set off describing how she could make things happen, but that she didn’t have any control of when they happened and it seemed to happen more when she grew very emotional about things. Lazerous sat and listened to the whole thing and asked her a series of questions about how comon this was amoung dragonborn etc. Then he lead the pair into a workroom in the back of the house and had Scorcha try and produce different elemental outcomes, with varing sucess. She was very good at producing fire, and could turn her spit to acid when she got frustraited, but not much else happend on cue. Finally he lead them back into the parlor, sat them down and rang for tea and cookies, after which he disappeared into his library for about half an hour. When they were finished with their cookies he came back in bearing a book and back they went into the work room, where Lazerous worked a couple of divinitory spells on Scorcha.
Finally he declared that he was done and they sat back down in the parlor.
“My dear, I’m afraid that I was right in that there is little I can do to help you, and here is why. How do you think I came by my powers?”
“You just had them?”
“Far from it, I studied long and hard and copied spells and learned how to harness the energies that are in the elements around me, but they never flow through me, I capture them through the use of tools and then shape them for the desired outcome, much like a layperson used flint and steel to create fire. You however come by powers naturally. The elemental energies flow though you and are meshed with the very fibers of your being. As of now they lie mostly dormant, surging with your emotions, but I have a feeling that the older you get the more those energies are going to awake and the more control you will need to exert to keep them in check. I fear that no amount of book learning can teach you that sort of control. You are my dear a Socerer and they are born into their powers, not made through study, as wizards are. Meditation is what I would prescribe to you, and finding an object to try and channel your energies through. Other than that, I cannot help you, I’m sorry.”
Scorcha once again feeling her hopes dashed began to cry and a damp mist soon filled the room.


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