Team power awesome team


Scorcha returns to Team Power Awesome team in KuNasas where she retells a story of her sister, Sparka. With the help of Merlin Scorcha was able to keep her sister from doing any evil thanks to some braceletts of awesome that Scorcha had merlin make.

Ginny and scorcha meet.

Eranah discovers three towns not far away that might contain occultists activity. Foster, Remmings, and Tristle. Scorcha sends 3 foxes out to search for occultist activity. When the fox sent to Foster did not return the party goes in that direction.

On the way to Foster they find the Fox and he has been hurt with what looks like electric energy.

Once arriving in town the party buys cloaks and suits up. The party finds a secret passage in a church and have battle and win against a beholder called Gorgon.

The 5th Element

King Drossland Died at the start of the adventure. A result of letting Israfil the fallen angel live. Also all members of the adventuring group, The Talons passed a way of the same infliction.

Eranah spent some time in the library researching information on occultists or worshipers of Orcus. Information was found that might help Team Power Awesome Team find these worshipers.

The same time at a pub in KuNasas, Shadow saw visions in his brew of his sister being torchered by Freya and he also saw the way to locate his sister. The party left that night to try and save her.

Team Power Awesome Team were guided by Shadow’s visions to an under ground crypt that was protected by a family of Emmentals. The party dispatched the elementals and located the chamber that Shadow’s sister was being torchered in. However, she and Freya where already gone.

Dropping Scorcha off at Toss

Good Gravy! The last game Shadow nearly died because he ate some bread. Go figure.

Dropping Scorcha off at the Kindom of Toss was something to be seen. It was as if the whole kindom came out to great Team Power Awesome Team. Snort spent the day with children teaching them how to swing properly. Eranah checked in on the local Library to make sure that rapiars to both the strucure and the books where going as planned. Shadow could be seen wondering back and forth between the local pubs and the church of the Raven Queen. Scorcha met with the Queen of Toss to discuse her sister Sparka.

At the end of the day everyone gathered near the air ship to say there good byes. Scoratch would be staying in Toss to try and help her sister. The reast of our adventuring party boarded the air ship. With Snorth’s mighty flamers sword he lit the fernus as a great spectical and amusment to all who watched and the air ship gently flifted off the ground and into the air bound for the Kindom of KuNasas.

Judgment Day

Team Power Awesome team returned to KuNasas short Scorcha who chose to be dropped off at Toss to speak with her imprisoned sister, Sparka.

As Team Power Awesome Team went to visit the king they saw another adventuring party The Talons walking out of the castle. One of their members, A human Paladin was questioning why an adventuring party had resorted to plundering gold. That was not why he signed up and that he quit The Talons.

Team Power Awesome Team were questioning each other as to why King Drossland needed stolen gold. It all seemed fishy to Team Power Awesome Team. The part went inside and spoke with the king. The king asked the party to rid a poor part of town of rats infected with filth fever because it was killing his people.

Snort and Shadow agreed to take on this problem on their own. In no time at all they both managed to kill all the infected rats int he area and purify a well in the area so it contained holey drinking water.

It was noted that by the end of that all members the Talons and the king himself where exhibiting super powers.

Team Power Awesome Team learned that this was a result of a fallen angel sleeping in the ruins of Cenic. The angel was inadvertently poisoning the people. Granting them super powers and then watching them die shortly after.

Rather then fight the angel, Team Power Awesome Team chose to befriended the angel know as Israfil Angel of Judgment Day. Now the Angle has taking up arms with Team Power Awesome team to help fight the Orcus. What better deturent for the demon of the undeath then an angle?


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